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Platform &
Tech outline

We have created this outline for a series of weekly panels on Zoom. As each event includes a unique grouping of speakers, the platform and tech outline is used to quickly and efficiently prepare talent for their digital production experience. Digital production is influenced by a variety of factors, some controllable by talent and others not. However, following this outline does set speakers up for an optimal performance.


In this case, Zoom is being utilized as a backstage space: The ArchiteX technical team pulls isolated video feeds and a combined audio feed from a Zoom meeting for input into our broadcast switcher. We then create shot compositions and add broadcast overlays. Finally, the output of the switcher is sent to a Zoom Webinar for attendees. The ‘Day Of’ section of this outline is specific to these events’ needs and may not be relevant in all digital production scenarios. The ‘In Preparation’ and ‘Tips for Success’ sections, however, are applicable to most any use case.

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