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A webcam evolution

One of the limitations of virtual events is that we can’t utilize hard-wired studio-grade cameras for every shot like we would in a standard non-remote situation. We are dependent on the quality of the speakers’ cameras, mics, lighting, etc.


We have built a product available to you and your speakers if desired: a pre-built and tested package with a camera, microphone, and light. With some minimal assembly, you can be up and running with your own high end webcasting kit in minutes!


Price: $3,199.00 (on sale from $3,700.00)

Plus tax and shipping.

Limited stock - order now!

Tech Specs

The primary elements of the Studio In A Box are the following:

  • Camera: Sony a6400

    • Real-time eye-centered autofocus with real-time tracking

    • 24.2 megapixel sensor

    • Enhanced depth of field over standard webcams

    • Full 1080p HD resolution (1920x1080) through USB converter

    • 4k resolution recording ability when recording independently on camera.

  • Light: Genaray LED-6200T with adjustable intensity and adjustable color temperature.

    • Up to 640 Lux Brightness at 3 ft

    • 100-10% Flicker Free Brightness Dimmer

    • 3200-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature

    • Magnetic, Snap-On Diffuser Included

  • 2x microphones included:

    • Shotgun mic on top of the camera

    • Wireless lavaliere microphone

  • Hard case doubles as stand, with included column and goose-neck mounts.

  • Only two cables for you to plug in - one into a power outlet, one into a USB port on your computer.

Shipping Time

ATTN: The Studio In A Box has a two week lead time. All orders will ship on or before a 14 day lead time from the date of purchase.

We can accommodate rush orders in most cases for an additional fee of 15%.


​Purchase 2, 3, or 4 together, save $100 on each.

Purchase 5 or more together, save $250 on each.

Bundle with our production services, save an additional $100 on each.


Putting everything together is simple, just follow a few straightforward steps.


No special software or drivers are needed for this equipment, it's plug and play!

Call our tech support line with any issues.

We currently do not offer rentals or refunds for this product.

Talk to your production representative or click here to order yours today!

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